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Winery blogs are an oft neglected feature of winery websites.  Too often, the small family winery is talked into the need for a blog on their website by the website designer, and too often, the winery blog is neglected because, quite frankly, the winery is busy making wine!  Although we are committed to crafting fine Finger Lakes wines, we hope that we will not neglect our blog.  In fact, we hope to use this space to share exciting Villa Bellangelo news with you, while also featuring news and articles from around the country that spread the word about the exciting things happening here in the Finger Lakes.  



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  • I live in Ohio. I checked with VinoShipper for your Merlot, but it was not one of their options. How can I get a couple bottles of Merlot without having to drive over myself? (I, regretfully, have no friends in your vicinity, yet.)


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