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Villa Bellangelo's Moscato Wins a Silver Medal in the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Villa Bellangelo's signature Moscato won Silver at this year's San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  The entire list of winners, which features many notable Finger Lakes wineries, can be found here.

From the website of the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition:

"The 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition has set a new American wine competition record with an astounding 5,500 entries, surpassing its previous record of 5,050 last year. For nine consecutive years, this prestigious competition holds strong as the “Largest Competition of American Wines in the World.

'This new record serves as an affirmation that every year wine consumers look toward the SFCWC award medal winning wines as a barometer when purchasing their wines," said Bob Fraser, SFCWC Executive Director. "We are thrilled that wineries all over the United States understand and respect the outstanding caliber of our 65 judges from throughout the wine industry and the country.'"


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