Finger Lakes Family

The Democrat and Chronicle featured an article today by James Battaglia, on the family nature of the Frank and Hunt family wineries, and the traditions that develop when the younger generations return to the vineyard and the winery to help the operation grow. You can read the article here.  

The article led me to thinking about Villa Bellangelo, and indeed, the majority of Finger Lakes wineries, which are all family affairs.  From Heart and Hands, to Ravines...  That little extra ingredient that goes into many bottles of wine produced in the Finger Lakes, is the cohesiveness of family dedication and love that you would be hard pressed to find in other, more commercial, wine producing regions.  The passion and dedication of the regions' wine grape growers and wine producers certainly goes into making better and better wines every vintage.  Even more so however, it helps to build family legacies that dot the maps of wineries that hug these ancient lakes to which we make our home.  It is our hope that Bellangelo is something that future generations of our family can hold onto, claim as their own, and continue to grow and innovate and preserve for the future.  

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