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Crush - Hand Picking Pinot Noir

At Bellangelo, we source Pinot Noir from Jeff Morris of Glenora Farms, and John Tuller, of Tuller Vineyards.  On September 13, 2013, the Bellangelo crew went out to Jeff Morris' vineyards where we hand picked only the best clusters for Select Bunch Harvest Pinot Noir.  Only the best clusters were chosen and picked.  
For this small batch of Pinot Noir, our winemaker, Ian Barry, decided to experiment with one of the two brand new FlexTanks we purchased.  The FlexTank was sealed and a carbon dioxide rich environment was created by forcing CO2 into the tank.  The method of fermentation this Pinot Noir batch will go through is called carbonic maceration, and will accentuate the nice fruit notes in this Pinot Noir.  Once fermentation is complete, the wine will be pressed to remove the skins and seeds, and it will be aged in oak barrels.  
In 2013, Bellangelo intends on crafting a Pinot Noir rose from the remainder of the Morris Vineyard.

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