In the Vineyard Season 2: Crush - Seyval Blanc Harvest

September 19, 2013

Season 2: Crush - Seyval Blanc Harvest

At Bellangelo, one of our perennially best selling wines is our Seyval Blanc.  Though Seyval Blanc is often thought of as a mediocre wine grape, as with everything in agriculture, location matters.  Our Seyval is sourced from Marty Gibson, owner and farmer of one of the most cherished 10 acre plots of land on the west side of Seneca Lake.  Our Seyval is truly an example that "wine is made in the vineyard," as it produces a beautiful "citrusy" wine with notes of fresh cut grass.  It is a wine you must try.  After one taste, we're sure you'll want more.  

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