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Quick Facts

  • First vines planted in 1866 by Dr. Byron Spence, with some vines remaining today.
  • 1986-2002: Squaw Point Winery with focus on native and hybrid wines
  • 2002 - 2011: Bellangelo, owner Michael Litterio shifts focus to vinifera
  • 2011 - Present: The Missick Family moves from California to focus on produce authentic, high quality Riesling, Cab Franc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
  • 2013: Chris publishes A Sense of Place, a first-of-its-kind winery autobiography
  • 2012: Earns first 90 point score with major national press
  • 2013: Bellangelo teams up with Fox Run & Anthony Road for international venture
  • 2014: Proudly opens The Villa by Bellangelo, a winery guesthouse
  • 2014: Opens first Branch by Bellangelo in Syracuse, in DestinyUSA
  • 2015: Chris Missick becomes winemaker 
  • 2016: Open Branch by Bellangelo in Geneva, NY, emphasizes food service
  • 2017: Overhaul of winemaking equipment and crush pad - implementation of cross flow filtration

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    Everything you need to know about Bellangelo and its place in the Finger Lakes.




    About Us

    The Missick Family of Bellangelo WineryIn June 2012, we were honored to see Villa Bellangelo featured as the cover story in Mountain Home Magazine.  Mountain Home Magazine is distributed to more than 40,000 people through a network of paid subscribers and local merchants.  The magazine is renown for its in depth, regionally focused stories that shed light on the exciting things happening in Pennsylvania and the Finger Lakes.  

    If you are looking to learn more about the family behind Villa Bellangelo, this article is an excellent place to start!


    Villa Bellangelo is situated in a magnificent location atop a hill overlooking central Seneca Lake. Our tasting room has offered visitors breathtaking views for decades, but these historic lands have been a part of the heart of Finger Lakes agriculture and grape growing for centuries.  In fact, as you drive the winding path from Route 14 to the winery, you pass the oldest vineyard in Yates County, as the handy work of grape vines planted by Dr. Byron Spence in 1866, are still vibrantly growing and producing one of nature's most precious berries. 

    For many years Villa Bellangelo was known as Squaw Point Winery, and featured a thematic marketing presence in the area known as the Barrel People.  Wine Barrels, customized with arms and legs and positioned in a variety of poses, were a regular fixture along Route 14.  In the winter, when the trees are bare, you can still see signs of the Barrel People throughout in the woods within several miles of the property.


    Villa Bellangelo was founded in 2002 by Michael Litterio as a Finger Lakes winery with a vision of the future. The Missick family recently acquired Villa Bellangelo from Mr. Litterio and looks forward to continuing to offer Finger Lakes wine country visitors and customers premier service and a perfect product for many years to come. 

    Michael initiated a tradition at Villa Bellangelo of crafting wonderfully distinct Finger Lakes wines, by blending traditional European and modern American winemaking methods to produce some of the areas best wines.  Bellangelo produces a wide spectrum of wines including Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Seyval Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Bellangelo's signature Moscato.

    Our family is honored to have the opportunity to build upon Bellangelo’s legacy and reputation, and most of all, serve you as our customer. 

     Our Winemaker - Check out a brief background on Christopher Missick

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