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We never stop learning about our vineyard sites, history, or the Finger Lakes in general.  If you are like us, and want to "geek-out" on wine, soil, history and everything in between, take a look below. 

Narrative Documents

A Sense of Place - The ultimate winery published guide on the wine history of the region, the history of our property, and a crash course in wine tasting.

Riesling Experience - The single varietal tasting experience where we introduce you to multi-vintage, multi-style Rieslings.  Whether it's skin-fermented, autochthonous neutral barrel ferments, or stainless steel inoculated Rieslings, we have something you'll love.  This tasting also goes deep into the history of the grape, and the reason we grow Riesling in the FLX. 

Terroir in the Finger Lakes - "The Bellangelo Philosophy" - Outlining the passion and the reason why we do, what we do, where we do it.

1866 Reserve Wine Series - Find out why we produce a super-premium product under such a pivotal date.

Intro Sheet with Recent Press Coverage - Check out our single sheet statement of purpose

 Our Winemaker - Check out a brief background on Christopher Missick

Vineyard Locations & Grower Information 

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Kashong Glen Vineyards The Colizzi Family Kashong Glen Vineyards 
Tuller Vinifera Vineyards The Tuller Family Tuller Vinifera Vineyards
Gibson Vineyard The Gibson Family Gibson Vineyards
Morris Vineyard The Morris Family Morris Vineyards
Sawmill Creek Vineyard The Hazlitt Family Sawmill Creek Vineyards



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