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The Food & Wine Pairing Experience


At Villa Bellangelo, we are proud to offer a wonderful food and wine pairing experience.  You will be delighted to try 6 wines, paired with 6 small dish pairings, including a desert pairing of Port or Moscato.  Though the menu changes frequently, we currently offer the following pairing menu:


Chardonnay paired with Baked Phyllo Cup Filled with Seafood and Lobster Salad
Dry Riesling paired with Tarte Flambee
Gewurztraminer paired with Red Curry, Pineapple and Chicken over Jasmine Rice
Semi-Dry Riesling paired with Lobster Bisque
Merlot paired with Pulled Pork Slider
    Please Choose One of the Following:
Port paired with a Chocolate Marble Cup filled with Dark Chocolate Chip Gelato
Moscato Paired with Fruit Tart Filled with Marscapone Cheese and Topped with Fresh Fruit