Group Tastings

Bellangelo wants to welcome you and your group to a memorable tasting experience.

A little bit about our group tastings:
  • Tastings are $9.00 per person which includes 5 wines, and a Free Logo glass.
  • A reservation in advance is required for groups of 8 or more
  • Payment in full may be processed 48 hours prior to your reservation
  • Cancellations cannot be made after payment is processed
  • A required 50% non-refundable down deposit will be made after reservation inquiry is submitted.  
  • Group reservations are made at the Winery's discretion. Please note, we do not accept group reservations after 3pm.
How to make a reservation:
  • Fill out a Group Tasting Form
  • Fill out a Driver ID and Itinerary Form 
  • Receive a confirmation phone call or email. Your reservation is not scheduled until confirmation is made. 

Group Tasting Request Form 

Driver ID and Itinerary Form

 Once reserved, payment may be processed 48 hours prior to your visit.  Due to staffing requirements, we will be unable to refund tasting fees once they have been charged. Please note that as we have changed credit card processing companies, we are required to obtain the CSV on your credit card to process the reservation.

Villa Bellangelo reserves the right to cancel a reservation at anytime for any reason. If cancellation by Villa Bellangelo is made after your credit card has been charged, a full refund will be issued immediately. 

Undergraduate Group Tasting Notice
We regret to inform you that we will not schedule large undergraduate student groups, and if appointments are made under false-pretenses, we will ask that your group leave the premises.  Unfortunately, this policy has been implemented as a result of numerous instances of deplorable conduct.  We are a family winery offering premium wines in a comfortably elegant environment, and are not suited for large ill-behaved groups. Of course, we are always happy to welcome young adults over the age of 21 that are eager to learn more about wine and enjoy the beautiful Finger Lakes.