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Opici Family Distributing

Bellangelo is extremely proud to be working with Opici for distribution in New York State.  On this page, we will periodically update information for Opici consultants and sale reps, to better help them with the trade.  








Winery Background and Information

 Download our Opici-specific introduction packet (August 25, 2017)

Download an E-Book version of A Sense of Place

Bellangelo maintains a winery guesthouse used exclusively by our personal guests, and wine trade and media.  We believe that educating members of the trade on the Finger Lakes often required a visit to region, and we are happy to assist in that.  

Terroir in the Finger Lakes - The Bellangelo PhilosophyVineyard Locations & Grower Information 

Our Winemaker - Check out a brief background on Christopher Missick

Bellangelo's Vineyard Partners (Map and Links to Soil Maps)

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 Vineyard Name/Video

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Kashong Glen Vineyards The Colizzi Family Kashong Glen Vineyards 
Gibson Vineyard The Gibson Family Gibson Vineyards
Morris Vineyard The Morris Family Morris Vineyards
Sawmill Creek Vineyard The Hazlitt Family Sawmill Creek Vineyards



Video Gallery


Listen Online or Download Audio Version of A Sense of Place

001 - Opening Credits

002 - Introduction