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The Road Less Travelled

Welcome to our "Road Less Travelled Tasting".  In this flight we feature the unique varietals, methods, and end results of our endless efforts at experimentation.  Some videos are not listed as we are still producing them.  This flight features different wines, depending upon our Geneva or Dundee locations:

1) 2018 Sparkling Gewurztraminer2) 2017 Fut de Chene Riesling, 3) 2019 Seyval Blanc, 4) 2012 Reserve Riesling, 5) 2017 Gewurztraminer, 6) Foreword Dark Red Blend

In light of social distancing restrictions with regard to Covid-19, we have launched our virtual tasting series with our winemaker, Chris Missick.  He will personally guide you through each and every wine, explaining the winemaking process, specifics regarding the vineyards, and the tasting notes as he tastes with you.  Each video is meant to replace the tasting experiment and knowledge you would gain with our traditional tasting room experience.  They follow a pattern of a discussion of the wine and a tasting at the end.  If you are more interested in the tasting portion, simply fast forward a few minutes.  


2018 Sparkling Gewurztraminer

2019 Seyval Blanc


2017 Gewurztraminer - $17



2019 Foreword Dark Red Blend


Elizabeth - Port Style Dessert Wine- $30

A multi-vintage Merlot based blend, with a very unique approach to winemaking, 18% Alc.